Discover new insights. Change old habits.

In my role as a professional coach, I work with individuals and groups during periods of change inherent in professional life. At the same time, I seek to effectively integrate the natural interdependencies of work and private life.

Results- and goal-oriented, I work closely with clients to identify their needs and lead them to find tailored answers that work best for specific needs and situations. Oftentimes, the best solution is readily at hand, but requires an outside, unbiased view to help bring it to light and take action on it. I work to find positive ways to uncover these hidden answers, and help navigate through multiple potential paths to the solution.

In doing so, I rely on the existing resources always found in the strong clients I work with: creativity, energy, experience, as well as existing values and vision.

This cooperative, focused view helps to see more, uncover new dimensions, and tap into previously undiscovered strengths, inspiring new motivation.